Jeffrey Siegel

Jeffrey Siegel, our Vice President, was born and raised in Manhattan. Being from New York City, Jeffrey has always thrived in multicultural environments. Exploring the many differences and commonalities in the human experience is Jeff’s driving force in joining Global Eye Entertainment. Working in medicine, Jeff has gained the ability to immerse himself in the varied lives of patients. This is what he considers to be the greatest gift and privilege of his profession.

Prior to living in Los Angeles, Jeff lived in New York working in medicine and in an Internet start-up. his creative streak manifested when he partnered for life with an actress who continues to tap into his right brain sensibility. Since getting married he uses his right upper lobe for writing sitcoms, pilots and has recently embarked on giving Stand-up and Sit-down comedy a try. Jeff’s involvement in Global Eye is a natural extension of his desire to explore the varied human experience he has sought out in his other areas of work and life. He is a graduate of New York University and University of California, Los Angeles.